In this guide, We are going to learn how to modify hostname in different ways on Redhat 7.

1.hostnamectl method –> Most recommended method.

2.nmtui command –> using the text user interface.

3.nmcli command –> using CLI of Network Manager.

Types of Hostname

  • Static Hostname –> Hostname assigned by sysadmin/ user and stored in /etc/hostname
  • Dynamic/Transient Hostname –> This hostname is maintained by kernel and its changed by DNS/mDNS
  • Pretty Hostname –> It’s in the form of UTF-8 for presentation to the user.

Hostname can be Created with

  • 64 characters in length
  • FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) is Recommended.
  • Can contain “a-z” “A-Z” “0-9” “.” “_” “-“

Before proceeding, Let us check the hostname using the command:


You will see something like this



Method 1 – nmtui Tool

Network Manager tool is used to change the static hostname in /etc/hostname file.Just type nmtui and Enter.You will see the following screen.











Choose Set system hostname









set the hostname [FQDN] as shown below, and OK.









Now, We need to restart hostnamed service to force hostnamectl to notice the change of static hostname.

#systemctl restart systemd-hostnamed

You can verify using hostname command.




Method 2 – hostnamectl

We can change the hostname using the hostnamectl command.

Check the current hostname using the command:

#hostnamectl status







You can set the hostname using the below command:

#hostnamectl set-hostname

check the status now,

#hostnamectl status








Method 3 – nmcli Command

It is used to query and set static hostname in /etc/hostname file

Initially, Check the hostname:

#nmcli general hostname



To change the hostname use the command:

#nmcli general hostname and Restart the service

#systemctl restart systemd-hostnamed




Method 4

This is the very simple method, But it requires a system reboot.

You have to edit /etc/hostname file to change the hostname.


You are always recommended to use the hostnamectl command to change the hostname whenever required which doesn’t require the kernel update to make the hostname changes effect.

That’s All.Thanks for reading this article.Hope it helped you a lot.