Monitorix is an open source tool used to monitor system and services of Linux operating system.

It comprises of two programs:

“monitorix” – It is a collector, a Perl daemon which works as a Startup service.

“monitorix.cgi” – a cgi-script

Monitorix has its inbuilt HTTP web server, So We don’t need to configure externally.

Features of Monitorix

It shows the following features of the Linux operating system in Graphs:

  • CPU Load & Process Statistics
  • Network Usage and Traffic
  • Per processor Kernel usage
  • Services status
  • We server statistics
  • Checks Hardware devices


We need to set up EPEL repository to install the required packages.

#rpm -ivh

Now install epel-release:

#yum install epel-release -y

We can install monitorix packages from epel repository:

#yum install monitorix -y

Enable, Start and check status of the monitorix:

  • systemctl enable monitorix
  • systemctl start monitorix
  • systemctl status monitorix

Configure Firewall

We need to configure the firewall to allow port 8080 to access the Dashboard of the Monitorix in the browser.

First We need to install and start firewalld in the machine:

#yum install firewalld -y 

#systemctl start firewalld

Now We can add firewall rules to allow port 8080 to access the Monitorix Dashboard from external Machine:

#firewall-cmd –permanent –zone=public –add-port=8080/tcp

#firewall-cmd –reload

Access Monitorix

Once the monitorix service is started You can access the Dashboard using the below URL:


You will see the following screen.Leave everything in default and Click OK.

You will see the graph based on the services:

If you want to see the specific graph in a New window.Click on any graph.


When the monitorix service is started running, It reads the configuration file,  “/etc/monitorix/monitorix.conf” use this you can set the options according to your system like enabling or disabling graphs etc.

If you wish to set the heading for the Home Page, Set the following variable in /etc/monitorix/monitorix.conf file.

title = anyname

To change the hostname in the graph:

hostname = anyhostname

That’s All, We have successfully installed Monitorix on your machine to monitor your server actively.