S3 – SIMPLE STORAGE SERVICE is a virtual HardDisk Where We can upload or download files using the Internet.

In this tutorial, We will learn how to Create, Delete Bucket & files, Upload and Download files etc.

So, Login to your AWS account.Go to S3 management Console.You will see the following Dashboard.

To create a Bucket, Click create Bucket, The following screen will appear.

Type the name of the Bucket you want to create, The name should be unique and choose the region where you want to create this Bucket and click Create.

Note: Bucket name should be in lower cases.

Choose the bucket, You will see the following screen and click Upload.

Click Add files and then choose the files from your local computer which you want to copy it to S3 bucket and click Upload.

If you want to download files from S3 bucket, Choose the file you want to download and then click Download as shown below:

If You want to delete an object/files from S3 bucket, Choose the file and click More –> delete and then Click Delete.

Your object will be deleted.

If you want to delete the S3 Bucket.Choose the Bucket and Click Delete Bucket,

You will be asked for confirmation of your Bucket name before deleting, Type your bucket name or copy paste from the first line to avoid spelling mistakes and click Confirm.

Your S3 bucket will be deleted.

Thanks for reading this article.Hope it helped.