SSH stands for Secure Shell which uses default port 22.We can also modify the port number for improved security.

In this guide, Let us learn how we can disable IPv6 Address for a particular network Adaptor.

This tutorial guides you how to reset the forgotten Mysql database root password which doesn’t affect any databases.

CPANEL is the most widely used Web Hosting panel.It is also used for hosting websites and other server related configurations etc.

Learn How to modify username in linux with Home directory Group and User iD

Monitor your servers actively using Zabbix Server by configuring Zabbix agent on remote machines which needs to be monitored.

phpldapadmin is a web-based application for managing LDAP Servers which was written in PHP language.


Netdata is a  web-based tool which is used to monitor Linux servers and visualize data in a real time.

Ruby is a programming language.This article will guide you on how to install Ruby from source on centos 7.


In this articles, We are going to see how we can create and drop a database Once we have installed MySQL database.

Apache Tomcat is an opensource Web Server and Serverlet container which is used to serve Java Web pages and Java Applications.

NVM is an acronym for Node Version Manager which provides an easy method of installing Nodejs.

Lighttpd is a lightweight high-performance and secure web server mostly recommended for production servers.


Memcached is an opensource, high performance, in-memory caching system which is used to speed up the websites.